Just 5 km outside Copenhagen in the middle of Øresund, you will find the island of Saltholm; a protected island with a story that dates as far back as the 12th century.

The island is called Saltholm due to its saline soils and lack of fresh water. Also worth mentioning, is the fact that there is no electricity on the island. . Even so, a few local people lives on the island. 

Today the island is mainly home to agriculture industries such as sheep-breeding,beekeeping and hunting. The nature is unique and untouched. It’s a small capsule with its own life and time.

The AW21 takes inspiration in this beautiful place and magnificent nature, where sea and land become one. Classic farming style is combined with feminine silhouettes in allover prints and embroidered fabrics. The collection contains suits in different checks and tweeds, suitable for horseback riding and hunting. Corduroy, teddy and puffers creates the perfect outdoor look. Selected key items such as handknitted pullovers with sheep pattern, cottons with embroidered Saltholm motifs and sailor knit with anchors each tell a story about the island.